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Cod with lettuce, pepper and miso mash

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Dice the red peppers.


  1. 1 Cook the potatoes in salted water and once tender, drain, allow to steam and then turn into mash with the milk, add the miso paste to this and set aside
  2. 2 At the same time, heat a heavy based frying pan and add the ground nut oil, fry the cod for around 2-3 minutes and then turn over for the same. After this time, remove from the pan and set aside.
  3. 3 Wipe the pan and then addition a little more oil, fry the diced peppers for around 2 minutes or until soft.
  4. 4 When the peppers are soft, add the stock, when this boils, add the lettuce and then the peas , let this simmer for 2 minutes turn off the heat add the soy sauce.
  5. 5 To serve place a small mound of mash in a bowl, spoon the vegetable garnish and some broth into the bowl and place the cod on top

7 Reviews

  • Emma J

    Really tasty meal, first experience of hot lettuce was a bit dubious but was delicious - really recommend this meal

  • CBrown

    Quick and easy, good for a weekday Seasoning a bit bland, basically just soy flavour, but could tinker with that.

  • H R

    This is great, so quick with minimal ingredients so not pricey! Such a good weekday meal but seasoning is minimal, some subtle spices could easily increase favouring though!

  • LS

    Changed fish to Loch Trout and used veg stock, flavours were delicious, sweet, salty yet savoury and fresh. Highly recommend! (Sweet miso paste is rather pricey though, £4.10/250g)

  • Claire

    We were surprised at just how nice this was, had been a bit dubious after reading ingredients! It's healthy comfort food, and really quick and easy to make.

  • Sally-Ann

    Easy & different. I was really surprised with the ease of this recipe. I used the recipe "as is". We loved the miso mash, very different. It's nice to serve in a dinner party, and easy enough you needn't be missing in action during the premeal social. It looked beautiful in a large quiche dish, a one dish meal, and each person served themselves, using the gravy/sauce from a separate jug.

  • Ivan

    Mediocre at best,